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Conduct Policy

Students are expected to be professional in class, with clients/prospective clients, staff, and other students, or state officials. Students are expected to treat common use items with respect and report any problems with these items to a staff member. Student personal equipment (i.e., tattoo machines, power source, needles, tubes, and pigments) must remain at the school until the student graduates or is dismissed from the program. Ant student caught practicing tattooing off of the school premises will be immediately dismissed and reported to the Oregon Health Licensing Office and other appropriate authorities.
Students shall not: 
     -   Show up for class under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
     -   Possess illegal drugs on school property.
     -   Steal.
     -   Willfully violate Oregon State Health Licensing Standards.

Students caught with drugs or alcohol, or determined to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be immediately suspended for 1 week, a repeat offense will result in immediate dismissal. Students caught stealing will be dismissed immediately without warning. Students may be given either a verbal or written warning for misconduct, unsafe practices, or other school violations. The severity of the infraction will determine whether or not the warning is written or verbal. Accumulation of 3 written warnings will be grounds for suspension or dismissal.

The school will monitor and enforce policy for the following:
     -   Academic and Practical Performance.
     -   Attendance. -   Conduct.