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Course Outline

TUITION AND FEE POLICIES REGISTRATION FEE:                  $150 TUITION:                                       $8,350 SUPPLIES:                                     $1,500 TOTAL PROGRAM COSTS:     $10,000

1.)You may cancel enrollment prior to the start of classes by giving written notice to the school.
2.)  If cancellation occurs within 5 business days, you will receive a FULL refund.
3.)  If cancellation occurs after 5 business days, a $150 registration fee will be charged.
4.)  If you terminate enrollment after entering classes:     
     a)  If a students withdraws prior to completion of 50% of the program, the student is entitled to a pro-rata refund of the total tuition charged for such program.

     b)  Upon completion of 50% of the program, NO REFUND.

1.  NEEDLES AND NEEDLE BARS:   40 hours of theory…Covers configurations, sizes, purposes, shapes of sharps, several needle making labs, as well as sterilization and storage of needles.

2.  TATTOO MACHINES AND EQUIVALENT:  50 hours of theory…Types of tattoo machines; rotary vs electric vs pneumatic, variations, parts, power supplies, history of, and various tools used over the centuries. Several machine labs included.

3.  SAFETY, SANITATION, STERILIZATION:  70 hours of theory…Necessary supplies, bloodborne pathogens, universal precautions, asepsis, protecting you and your clients, sterilization procedures, station set-up, maintaining a sterile field, storage of supplies and spore testing.

4.  EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES:  20 hours of theory…Necessary equipment vs auxiliary equipment. Covers thermafax use, copiers, ultrasonic machines, power supplies and proper furniture.

5.  BASIC COLOR THEORY AND PIGMENTS:  20 hours of theory…Color theory and how it pertains to tattooing, mixing and storage of pigments, history of pigments, possible reactions. 1 lab covering dispersing powder to liquid.

6.  DESIGN, ART AND PLACEMENT:   80 Hours of theory…Artistic design, flash and flash sheets, two dimension vs three dimension, stenciling and skin marking techniques. 1 lab to include drawing a set of flash sheets.

7.  SKIN:   50 hours of theory…Skin; your largest organ, preparation of, marking of, healthy skin, skin diseases and disorders and conditions, depth of a tattoo and layers of the skin.

8. CLIENT SERVICES:  60 Hours of theory…Client protection, consent forms, aftercare, safeguards, follow ups and touch ups, pricing, client counseling.

9.  BUSINESS OPERATIONS:  75 Hours of theory…Exposure control plan, state regulations, licenses, ordering supplies, inventory control, portfolios, using computer for business cards, flyers, etc., resumes, taxes and basic bookkeeping skills.

10.  OREGON LAWS AND RULES:  50 Hours of theory…what you need to know for compliance, Department of Education, testing for licensure.

11.  EXECUTION:   150 Hours minimum of practical experience and 325 hours maximum  This program is designed to allow each student the specific time needed to master required techniques.  We realize that some may learn a little quicker than others in this area - applying the art of tattoo, practicing, lab, 50 completed procedures minimum.

There will be several quizzes/tests throughout the course to evaluate the students’ mastery of each subject, except for execution, as well as a final exam at the end of the program, 75% or more to pass and receive Certificate of Completion.

If you would like to know more information about the Oregon Department of Education please click on the link below: Oregon Department of Education