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School Closure Plan

Upon closing Hot Rod Bettie’s will follow the guidelines of OAR 581-045-0067 to insure that all of its currently enrolled students receive timely notice of teach-out arrangements and tuition refund agreements.

     1.      The school will notify the Superintendent of Public Instruction of intent of closure no later than 30 days prior to officially closing its doors and suspending classes.

     2.      The school will attempt to arrange a teach-out option with another school to allow students to complete the program for which they contracted. This teach-out option will be submitted in writing, to the Superintendent for review and approval. The school understands that if a teach-out option is not provided, that the school is responsible in accordance with ORS 345.115 to make a total refund of all tuition and fees to our students.

     3.      The school shall inform all parties concerned, of the name, address and telephone number of the person responsible for all teach-out arrangements or the closing arrangements.

     4.      The school will provide the Superintendent for each student currently enrolled:
          a)      Student’s name, address, telephone number, name of the program, and date of enrollment.
          b)      Total length of program
          c)      Date students started in program (program start date)
          d)      Percentage of program completed and/or amount of time remaining.
          e)      Amount of tuition/fees charged to each student
          f)       Amount of tuition paid by each student
          g)      Amount of refund due to the student, if applicable

     5.     The school will notify each student currently enrolled, in writing, of the arranged teach-out option for course completion. If unable to facilitate teach-out, we will provide information on how to secure refunds and inform the student of their rights under the provisions governing the Tuition Protection Fund.

     6.      Transfer permanent student transcripts to the Superintendent, within the specified timeline.