Our facility is equipped with stations for 10 students in a private tattoo lab/classroom. The tattoo lab/classroom is in the back of Hot Rod Bettie’s Tattoo studio (West Salem location). The school shares standard equipment with Hot Rod Bettie’s Tattoo studio and common use items are available to students at any time during school hours. Available are, thermafax, copy machine, light table, computer, internet access, flash, a sterilizer, clean room, and art supplies and a reference library. The full size of the facility is approximately 2000 square feet.

2023-2024 Pricing: $11,500

Credit for prior learning may be granted on a case by case basis, providing all documents are approved by the Oregon Health Licensing Agency and the Higher Education Coordinating Commission prior to enrollment.  If you have questions regarding this, feel free to ask. Credit will be given in the form of clock hours.

Enrollment will be accepted no later than 30 days prior to the start of classes with a maximum of 14 students per session.

Our program is designed to provide all students with the theory and hands-on skills necessary to become a qualified entry level tattoo artist in Oregon, according to Oregon laws and rules, as well as industry standards.

If you are interested in learning more about the Oregon Health Licensing Agency and how it is related to tattooing please see the link below:

Oregon Health Licensing Agency: http://egov.oregon.gov/OHLA/

Job Placement Assistance

Licensed tattoo artists are typically self-employed or independent contractors leasing or renting space in an established facility. Placement assistance is limited to notifying students of any job openings the school is aware of, either verbally or by posting a written notice. We do provide assistance in assembling a portfolio of completed tattoos and artwork, as well as exposure to job search techniques unique to the tattoo industry, including writing resumes.

Student Grievance Policy

Students are encouraged to try and resolve problems on their own. Students aggrieved by the actions of the school should attempt to resolve these problems with appropriate school officials. If this fails, and the student alleges a violation of Oregon law, students may contact Higher Education Coordinating Commission, Public Service Building, mailing address: 3225 25th St, Salem, OR 97302, or by calling 503-9475716, email: infoPPS@hecc.oregon.gov.

School Closure Plan

Upon closing Hot Rod Bettie’s will follow the guidelines of OAR 581-045-0067 to insure that all of its currently enrolled students receive timely notice of teach-out arrangements and tuition refund agreements.

     1.      The school will notify the Executive Director of intent of closure no later than 30 days prior to officially closing its doors and suspending classes.
     2.      The school will attempt to arrange a teach-out option with another school to allow students to complete the program for which they contracted. This teach-out option will be submitted in writing, to the Executive Director for review and approval. The school understands that if a teach-out option is not provided, that the school is responsible in accordance with ORS 345.115 to make a total refund of all tuition and fees to our students.
     3.      The school shall inform all parties concerned, of the name, address and telephone number of the person responsible for all teach-out arrangements or the closing arrangements.
     4.      The school will provide the Executive Director for each student currently enrolled:
          a)      Student’s name, address, telephone number, name of the program, and date of enrollment.
          b)      Total length of program
          c)      Date students started in program (program start date)
          d)      Percentage of program completed and/or amount of time remaining.
          e)      Amount of tuition/fees charged to each student
          f)       Amount of tuition paid by each student
          g)      Amount of refund due to the student, if applicable
     5.     The school will notify each student currently enrolled, in writing, of the arranged teach-out option for course completion. If unable to facilitate teach-out, we will provide information on how to secure refunds and inform the student of their rights under the provisions governing the Tuition Protection Fund.
     6.      Transfer permanent student transcripts to the Superintendent, within the specified timeline.


Leave of Absence 

​Leave may be granted at the discretion of the school director for a period of no longer than 90 days. Leave requests must be submitted in writing to the school director, and can be reviewed for up to 7 days. The director may or may not grant the leave, based on the date of the students’ return, and the reason for the leave request. If the leave is granted, and the student does not return within 90 days, they will be considered “dropped” from the program. However, all contractual obligations will continue to be upheld. At the beginning of a leave, all clock hours obtained prior to the leave will be documented. Upon return from leave, the student will continue at the point in their course in which they left off. Students are required to make up lessons and practical work upon their return.


Students are required to pre-arrange a late arrival or to call at least 1 hour prior to class to explain if they will be late to class. Students are required to pre-arrange an absence or to call at least 1 hour prior to class to explain the reason for their absence.

Hot Rod Bettie's Tattoo School Information

Tel: (503) 763-6844  940 Edgewater St NW, Salem, Oregon 97304 

Since 2003

Grading System

​Student grades will be given as a pass/fail for assignments, and must get a 75% or better score on quizzes and tests/exams. Letter grades will not be used.

Attendance Policy

Hot Rod Bettie’s Tattoo School is committed to helping students obtain their goal to become a licensed tattoo artist and expect the same commitment from students. Being in class needs to be a priority for each student. Prompt and regular attendance is required. Students may have no more than 2 unexcused absences per month. Any absence in excess of 2 per month must be accompanied by a written verification (i.e., doctor’s note). No call/no show will result in a verbal warning. 5 verbal warnings will result in dismissal.

Progress Standards

Students will need to complete assigned theory and practical tasks. They will be evaluated weekly. Evaluations will be based on quiz and test scores (75%), and practical operations (pass/fail). If a student’s evaluation is under 75% or failing, there will be a meeting with the instructors to discuss ways of improving performance and/ or correcting any problems. If a solution cannot be found, the student will be dismissed.  Records are available upon written request.  Transcripts must be kept for no less than 25 years, all other records must be kept for no less than 3 years.

School Calendar

​Our school calendar runs concurrent to Salem/Keizer Public School systems. There is no class on Saturday or Sunday or on state holidays. Spring and winter breaks coincide with that of local public schools. Our school week is Monday thru Friday from 10:30am to 4:00pm with a half hour break from 2:00 to 2:30pm. The exception to this schedule may be for First Aid, CPR, or Blood borne pathogen training, which may start in the morning hours, as well as OHLA Advisory Council Meetings. You will be notified 2 (two) weeks prior to any changes.

Re-Admission Policy

Readmission is at the sole discretion of the school. A student who is dismissed from the school may apply for readmission, by submitting a written request no more than 10 business days after decision of the school is finalized. A meeting of all staff, the school director, and the students shall take place, at which time the student will have appropriate time to address the school officials and submit any evidences to support their side. A student may be denied readmission for, but not limited to, demonstrated lack of commitment to complete the program as shown during previous enrollment by poor attendance and/or academic performance; dismissal due to inappropriate conduct; failure to meet financial obligations; or the lack of space availability.


​A student will receive a Certificate of Completion after passing the final exam with a minimum of 75% and after completing the entire program which includes a minimum of 50 completed procedures and 150 practical hours of actual tattooing.


1.      Verbal (Student is notified verbally of noncompliance with policy, a note goes in record.)

2.      Written (Student is notified in writing of noncompliance with policy, a copy goes in record.)

3.      Suspension (Student has failed to comply with previous warnings and is suspended from attending school for a specific period of time.) Return to school is contingent upon student’s written request to return and the collective decision of all staff and instructors at Hot Rod Bettie’s Tattoo School.

4.      Dismissal (Student is permanently withdrawn from school and appropriate actions taken. i.e.; pro rata refund, etc.) 

Although the school has established a notification process, the authority is retained to impose immediate suspension or dismissal, when appropriate

Student Cancellation/Refund Policy

Students may cancel training at anytime by giving written notice to the school.

If this occurs:
     a)      Within 5 business days of the date of enrollment and before classes begin,  all monies shall be refunded, or
     b)      After 5 business days of the date of enrollment and before classes begin, the school may retain only the published registration/enrollment fee. Such fee shall not exceed 15% of the total tuition cost, or $150, whichever is less.

If the student or the school terminates training after commencement of classes, unless the school has discontinued the program of instruction, the student is financially obligated to the school according to the following formulas or maximum charges.

If a student withdraws prior to completion of 50% of the contracted instructional program, the student shall be entitled to a pro-rata refund of the tuition charged and paid for such instructional program, less registration/enrollment fees, supply fees and any other legitimate charges owed by the student.

If a student withdraws upon completion of 50% or more of the contracted program, the student shall be obliged for the tuition charged for the entire program and shall not be entitled to a refund.

Pro-rated refund means a refund of tuition paid for that portion of the program offered to the student prior to withdrawal. The date for determining that portion shall be the published course schedule and the last recorded date of attendance by the student. Any inquiry a student may have regarding this contract may be made in writing to Hot Rod Bettie’s Tattoo School, 940 Edgewater St NW, Salem, OR 97304 or to the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Higher Education Coordinating Commission, 3225 25th St, Salem, OR 97302, or by calling 503-9475716, email: infoPPS@hecc.oregon.gov.

Conduct Policy

Students are expected to be professional in class, with clients/prospective clients, staff, and other students, or state officials. Students are expected to treat common use items with respect and report any problems with these items to a staff member. Student personal equipment (i.e., tattoo machines, power source, needles, tubes, and pigments) must remain at the school until the student graduates or is dismissed from the program. Ant student caught practicing tattooing off of the school premises will be immediately dismissed and reported to the Oregon Health Licensing Office and other appropriate authorities.

Students shall not: 
     -   Show up for class under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
     -   Possess illegal drugs on school property.
     -   Steal.
     -   Willfully violate Oregon State Health Licensing Standards.

Students caught with drugs or alcohol, or determined to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be immediately suspended for 1 week, a repeat offense will result in immediate dismissal. Students caught stealing will be dismissed immediately without warning. Students may be given either a verbal or written warning for misconduct, unsafe practices, or other school violations. The severity of the infraction will determine whether or not the warning is written or verbal. Accumulation of 3 written warnings will be grounds for suspension or dismissal.

The school will monitor and enforce policy for the following:

     -   Academic and Practical Performance.
     -   Attendance.

     -   Conduct.

Warnings are issued to students who are not in compliance with the school’s academic, attendance, or conduct policies. Lack of response to the warning may result in suspension and/or dismissal.